CPUU Skip PST files Version 5.8.3

In Administrator Guide of CPUU you'll find the infomration about 'services updated by default' on page 39 (43 in reader). 

  • Microsoft Exchange Server (MSEMS) l
  • Personal Address Book (MSPST AB) Personal Folders (.PST) File (MSPST MS; MSUPST MS) l
  • Outlook Address Book (CONTAB) l
  • Microsoft LDAP Directory (EMABLT) l
  • Internet Folders (INTERSTOR) l
  • Internet E-mail (IMAIL)

Question: Is it possible to skip updating of .PST information by skip it in CPUU ini file?

Parameter                                       Description

Skip <Value1> [Value2] [Value3]  F orces the utility to skip the specified functionalities

What is the Value for skiping PST files?

Thanks in advance!