calendar permissions from Notes are migrated from notes as folder permissions in Exchange Online to all folders instead of just calendar

We are using the latest version of Quest Notes to Exchange Migrator and experiencing the following problem:

The users in Notes have delegations in their profile which allow for calendar permission.

The users who have calendar permission in Notes do not have Mail permission in Notes.

We took away all pernissions from the ACL. We did not change the profile entries for the users.

But in Exchange Online these users receive permission on calendar and email, which is too much.

The customer tested this and it seems that the fields


have an impact but not as expected. ReadCalendar and WriteCalendar permission have the effect that the users have folder editor rights afterwards on various folders.

WriteMail does not have this effect.

Is there any parameter in quest which completely disables migrating the permissions/delegations from Notes to Exchange Online?

Is this a bug?