• Reconfigure mailboxes collection

    I have created mailbox collection sync the source database to the target database.

    unfortunately the target database storage is not extendable and sizing was not correct.

    I need to reconfigure or move some mailboxes from this collection to anew collection…

  • EPW, ADPW and and Exchange Resource Forest

    Hello all-
    I'm needing some clarification here regarding these utilities and when to run them.
    I've consulted the documentation and read this KB article:

  • Exchange to Exchange-Migration with Archive-Mailboxes and PublicFolder


    I'm sorry, but was not able to find the answer in your forum / white-papers:

    Is it possible to migrate Mailboxes and Archive-Mailboxes (In-Place Archive) from one Exchange-Organisation (Exchange 2010) to an other Exchange Organisation (Exchange…

  • Calendar sync job failing on connection to Provisioning Web Service o365


    This is my first post so hi everyone, I'm going to go straight in with an issue, has anyone experienced the following error:

    Error Quest.MigrationManager.Exchange.O365UserProvisioning.O365ConnectionException: Failed to connect to Provisioning Web…