Tape Label

Suppose I have 20 TB data on server and one tape can contain only 15 TB of data so I will need two tape to take backup of data. so how can I label those two tape that data sent to only those two tape.so first tape will have 15 TB another one have 5 TB data so how can I label those tape when one tape finished backing up so it will take another tape automatically.

I want that data should go at 2 specified tape only please provide any solution for that

  • Netvault takes tapes either from BLANK pool REUSE pool. In your case you can make a pool like say SPECIAL_42 and have the job to use only .For making the pool just specify this in the target set setting of the job.

    go to set-->target-->media-option-->media in group -->set to SPECIAL_42
    label media -->check "Automatically..."
    Resuse media -->check "with the same.."

    so what will happen is tapes will be picked up from BLANK pool and used and placed to "SPECIAL_42" and if there is any "REUSE" media is there in the group then it will be used.

    I don't see any option to use range of media.