Ho do you schedule a job Stop rather than Abort. To Resume a Inital Full backup. NV 12.1

This is easy to do in a GUI,  Stop is selectable.  Can Resume backup.  Can restore from partial where it committed
But that requires an Operator.

We are rolling out some small bandwith locations - and running into Bandwidth violations because we are not honoring approved time windows on ocassion.
Stop would work great if automated.

There is no feature that sets a Maximum 'Job Run Time',  so I am looking towards the CLI and I
can only find nvjobabort in CLI. 

That works to Abort the job,  but is not resumable.

Is there anything I have missed that can be scheduled for Backup Window Enforcement -
any API calls or scripts I can schedule..

  • Hello

    There is currently no option to do this automatically/scheduled, I created a feature request of this idea (NV-I-651). This will be evaluated by Product Manager and Development team to make a decision if possible for future releases.

    Even nvjobabort needs the exact job id and instance that is running to be able to abort the job. But there is a CLI command (nvjobhold) that places a job on hold and you can use nvjobresume utility to resume the job later, this are specified in the CLI Reference Guide here