Owning user does not have EXECUTE_JOB Permissions

We are using Netvault Backup   This has been working fine in our enviroment. Nothing has changed and  all of a sudden one of our Jobs that is set to backup a data folder on a server has begun to fail with the error  "Owning user does not have EXECUTE_JOB permissions" . Looking at  "Manage users" for both the admin and the secondary account we created it has access to everything.  "User is granted All privileges".  When we try to manually run it. It will fail immediately with same error on both accounts.    

I see one article referring to it https://support.quest.com/netvault-backup/kb/79074/jobs-fail-with-owning-user-does-not-have-execute_job-permission-   but dont see where to actually check to see if the user has ownership of the job. 

If anybody could shed some light as to how to resolve this that would be much appreciated.