Netvault just changed in a blink of an eye!

Last time I touched NetVault it was owned by BakBone Software. I did not like it then and eventually replaced it with IBM Tivoli Storage Manager. It's been about 9 years since then and two acquisitions later so I'm assuming things have changed, including the pricing model.

Does NetVault have a comparable pricing model to the competing solutions? One particular pricing model can favor a certain type of environment or certain set of requirements over others.

I recall some backup/restore solutions are licensed on total amount of "protected" (backed up) data while others will license based on number and/or type of backup hardware (tape drives, VTL, etc.) and/or by the number and type of agents (OS, application, hypervisor, etc.). Perhaps NetVault's princing model is the best fit for your environment, regardless of its technical qualities. ***Information has been Flagged as Spam and has been Deleted. if you feel that the information deleted is not Spam please contact us or Reply to the Private message Sent. ****