Changed Hostname


I have the Netvault Backup installed in one of my servers. Last week I renamed the server to acomplish with my new nomenclature.

Since than I cannot acess netvault anymore, So I decide to unistall and reinstall the aplication. But after reinstalll, it don't recognize my licence anymore.

And the suport said they cannot help me because I down renew the maintenance, even my licence is perpetue.

there's no doc teling us to not rename the server.

  • Hi

    When you change your server name (or others like OS, or even IP address) the Netvault Machine ID changes and the license key is generated to match the Netvault Machine ID, you can ask to re-generate the license key but for this you need to have an active maintenance contract, if not then you need to remain with the same Machine ID by keeping the same configuration (OS, IP, hostname, etc)