Backup's show completed, yet have Media messages

Recently started look into this backup Software.

Version is

Backup job's all show completed in the status window.

operator Window has loads of Event 'No Suitable Media' for job number  and instance.

I can delete, but looking at how new they are, i guess they will appear tomorrow

Does it sound ok, or a configuration i can change


  • Hi No Suitable Media is a message that there is no media to write the backup with the options you gave to the target set.

    Version 9.2 is quite old, so first thing I will suggest here is to go to a newer version.

    For the media messages, what is the target? tape library? DR? VTL?

    Can you describe the options selected on the target tab for the job sending this messages? Does the messages are when backups are writing but after a while it will complete? if that's the case then the medias are busy when trying to write and need to wait until idle so the backup job would be able to grab the media and continue writing.