errors in NetVault - PLEASE HELP !!!!


When I enter into the  Netvault Logs, I see something like this:

DDBoost->[1104:1B08] ddcl_ost_generate_psk_key(): Using legacy non-PSK authentication mechanism

DDBoost->[1104:1B08] ddcl_nfs_ost_query_with_key(): OST secure query RPC failed with 5028 (unrecoverable rpc failure) -- RPC error 10; falling back to legacy RPC

I didn`t have this errors in NetVault 12.2. They appeared after upgrade to 12.3. 

I have also made an upgrade of Data Domain Operating System from to (the nevest OS for EMC DataDomain 2200). 

After upgrade the errors in NetVault still exist.

Can you tell me what to do so this errors would dissapear ? 

Apart from errors in logs,, the backups are done correctly.