Netvault Exchange Plug in

Hi guys

Our set up is Netvault and Exchange Plug in

Is it possible to upgrade the Exchange Plug in only to latest release? If so, how do you do this? I need to update Exchange 2016 to latest CU but I am limited I believe by Netvault to a maximum of CU 13, anyone know if I can upgrade beyond this CU?

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  • Hello

    The oldest Netvault Server version supported is 11.4.5

    in order to upgrade the Exchange plugin to the latest you need to have 11.4.5 or later. Using Exchange plugin v11.3.0.2 it is only compatible with Exchange 2016 CU 7, if you upgrade your netvault server to at least v11.4.5 and exchange plugin to 12.3 it is compatible with Exchange 2016 CU 13, right now development is working on supporting Exchange 2016 CU 14 to 16 and that should come in future releases of the plugin.

    You can always check the compatibility guide and the plugin release guides at our support portal using the hyperlinks.

    You also asked how you can upgrade the plugin, you can go to manage clients -> select your exchange server and click manage button -> hit the "+" button and select the new exchange plugin and hit install, that will overwrite exchange plugin and will install the one you are pushing.