NetVault Bakckup - Is it possible to break a backup in independent tapes?


I am using a NetVault Backup Version, using File Backup Agent,  and I wold like to know if it is possible to:

1)  To create a job to bakcup by date range : To specify minimum and maximun dates of the files for bakckup.

2) To create a job limited by Tape Space. In other words, the job would copy as many possible files to the tape until it get full and finish the job.  On the next job turn, it would get the frist file  from the previous point and do the same.

The main point is: I have more than 23TB of files to be backed up and this taked too many tapes to be completed. In case of a future restore, if one of these tapes has a problem, I will lost everything . I will be unable to restore all 23tb.

My objetive is to have all 23TB backed up , tape by tape, indenpedently. So, if I lose one of them, only part of my files will be lost.


unfortunately, I've have faced some cases like that , being unable to recover a full backup due to a "invalid tape", during the recovery), and this is the worst experience in a critical situation....

Best regards

Mauricio Bringel