Opinions on Dell/Quest NetVault?

NetVault is the data protection solution that Dell has included in a recent proposal. Does anyone have any opinions on it? Any info would be appreciated!

We've also never had a capacity-based license for backup software before, so any info there would be appreciated.

Our environment is mostly but not fully virtualized.


  • Of course, Netvault is very much compatible with Dell DR Appliances using RDA/OST and even NDMP VTL etc 

    Capacity-based editions :-

    With the capacity-based model, licensing is based on the total amount of data being protected (the number of frontend terabytes of data on clients and NAS devices). Front-end TBs are calculated by totaling the amount of data on each client that will be included in all backup jobs. It does not matter how many times a week the data is backed up, how many copies are made, or how long that data is under management by NetVault. Customers have unlimited use of all product components included in each capacity offering for the number of TBs licensed. As their requirements grow, they can add additional client, application and device support as needed.

    There are two types of capacity which are Standard and Enterprise, we only calculate license for the Front End capacity.

    Simple, straightforward licensing

    License by front-end storage capacity, component or subscription, giving you incredible flexibility. With component-based licensing, you pick and choose which modules you need. With capacity licensing, you get all NetVault components and can deploy any number of clients or application plug-ins to optimize your data protection environment. Subscription licensing is similar to capacity licensing, except it's for a fixed term with monthly charges.

    Please try our free Trial -> https://www.quest.com/register/55545/

    For further more technical documents https://support.quest.com/netvault/13.0/technical-documents