what is the library name in NetVault application?

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In Netvault application interface, I got the library name is jgpnetvault: /scv2000/SCv2000 from one netvault server. Please reference the attached the image as detail for library name. I don't sure the library name(jgpnetvault: /scv2000/SCv2000) is correct or not. When I want to excute the command line ( [root@jgpnetvault /]# /netvault/util/nvdevice -status -library jgpnetvault/scv2000/SCv2000), I got the error info(Sorry, failed to create CLI session). Please help me to indentify the library name is correct. If the library name is correct, please help me to check the commane line of netvault.

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Mi Nan