backup job turns into Restore for 2nd phase

Hi NetVault hivemind

I know, the subject sounds bonkers doens't it!

I've multiple clients sharing the same target/advanced sets.  Some clients run OK (as have the affected clients previously)

Now for the 2nd phase, a couple of clients, get held up with waiting for media.  Diagnosing the job, the job type is RESTORE for the media request

See screen shots here

  • Hello

    2nd phase will show as restore as it's "restoring" data from the first copy to the second target. It shows as waiting for media but with all the data blur I can't say what is the reason. I will recommend you to open a Service Request with Technical Support in order to diagnose what is causing this. (could be that the second target is offline, or none was selected, etc)

    Let us know if more info could be shared or if any outcome from the Service Request that could be shared here that help you to resolve this.