How do you do a restore from the backup of an ndmp server (SAN) once the server has been removed/replaced with one with a different name?

If you have a SAN that you back up using ndmp, how do you restore data from backups once you have replaced the SAN. When you try to run the restore it tries to talk to the ndmp server and unsurprisingly can't find it.

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    Sorry for the delayed response, what Filer did you had and to which one are you restoring? are they the same OS? there are User Guides for the supported filers and for example in NetApp there is a section that says:

    Click Edit Plugin Options, and configure the following option: NDMP Server: This option specifies the target filer name. By default, it is set to the name of the original filer from which the data was backed up. To relocate the data to an alternate server, type the name of the target filer.

  • The original filer was a NetApp. When I tried restoring I redirected to a local folder on the backup server so didn't have to worry about the replacement filer.

    However I've had a look the setting you mention. I tried setting the NDMP server plugin setting to the backup server but the job failed, presumably because the backup server isn't an NDMP server. However if I install the plugin on the new filer I think it might work, even though the job won't actually touch the new filer at all.

  • Hi  NDMP data can only be restored to another NDMP filer with the same filer OS for example, NetApp can only be restore to another NetApp filer. You can use the setting I mentioned but you first need to setup the new filer and add the filer info the NDMP plugin installed on the backup server. After that it will send the data to that new filer and write it there.

    You can't restore NDMP data to a regular server like linux or windows

  • I'm actually looking at it at he moment. I've added in our replacement Netapp as an NDMP server and the restore jobs get further, I just can't get the Rename/Relocate to work. I should be able to restore to a folder on the C:\ drive of the server Netvault Backup is installed on shouldn't I?

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