How do I change my current location that I am backing up to (disk) to a new location? The Storage device is being replaced

We are currently using a Compellent Stirage array that is connected via Fiber Channel, I added 500 GB of disk space to the actual NetVault Server to use as a Target . We only back up a FileServer and an Exchange Database currently and never have more than 25 GB of BackUps. We have SmartDisk that is loaded on the Server, However, I cannot figure out how to create either a New Target or change the SmartDisk to point to the new location

  • You can add the new target device in the "Manage Devices" screen. Once the new device is added, you can either a) create a new target set that includes the new device, then change your backup jobs to use the new target set. Or b) replace the existing device in the existing target set with the new device. If doing b, there's no need to modify your backup jobs.

  • Sir, 

    Thank you for your response. it is greatly appreciated. My version of NetVault is When I select "manage Devices " an it brings up "RAS: SmartDisk "my ip" then I select  "Add Device" then check he radial button for "NetVault SmartDisk" after that hit "next" it brings up the configuration page where I can add a Networkname/IP Address and also "Force Add" Doing so gives me the error

    "Failed to add SmartDisk: Already have a device/Client for this host"

    I suppose what I want to do is change the location for the already existing device/client I have installed, currently the backup location is a shared storage device using fiber channel (Dell Compellent) To a local drive on the NetVault server itself.