Configure schedules for backups every weekend but with additional options for the last of a month

Hello Quest Community,

I'm struggling with the following schedule problem:

I want to backup data every sunday but for the last sunday of a month with additional special options. There exist an option for "Last" on a month for monthly backup jobs but I need the opposite option for weekly recurring jobs. The reason behind this is that I want to keep data backup'ed on the last sunday of a month with retention of one year (job 1) and all the other weekends only with the retention period of one month (job 2). I can configure week one, two, three and four but when the month only has 4 sundays the fourth week is the same scheduled time as the last week of a month. So both jobs would run at the same time and collide with index conflict.

Currently, this problem bothers me since some months because I have to manually stop the weekly backup jobs some days before the end of a month to not collide with monthly backup jobs.

How can I solve this problem? Finding the right options or adjusting the backup plan would help.

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