I need a way to add media to the created nvtl device

I am using the DR4100.
After configuring the nvtl device and then configuring the backup, the media of the configured nvtl device is exhausted when the backup policy is activated.
The disk capacity of the DR4100 device is sufficient,
I want to know how to add media of nvtl device, not how to attach a new container device.
Please help.

  • Hi, Instead of using an nvtl, I would stronly recommned you use an RDA(RDS) container on the DR4100, as long as it's running version 4.0 and above.
    This is a much simpler methodology and does not require that you have to add an nVTL and all the associated management.

    You can find out how to add an RDA based storage tartget here.

    If you'd still like to use an nVTL over CIFS or NFS on a DR4100, there are some steps to go through.
    When creating the nVTL, there is a switch to allow NetVault to ignore the reported size of the DR4100 share that you are using.
    To do this you need to go to 'Change Settings' in the NetVault Menu, then select 'Plugin Options', under the 'Disk Devices Plugin' section uncheck the option called 'Check available disk space before creating disk libraries' then click apply.

    Now create the nVTL on the DR4100 share.

    Please be aware that when using nVTL on a deduplication device NetVault does not signal the de-duplication device to clean unwanted data and reclaim space.
    When NetVault marks the media for reuse it's only updatig the database, it does not 'blank' the media, therefore data is still in place and the the DR4100 will not know how to clean up unwanted data.

    You will need a script for each nVTL device you have on a de-duplication target.
    Here is a link to a script example. Note the date on this is 2011, using an nVTL on a DR4100 is not really the way to go when you have a DR4100 Blush
    Hopefully you find this information useful, as you can see using an RDA conatiner means you don't have to manage media and drives or create and run cleanup scripts.