• Netvault with Microsoft 365 plugin failing to backup mailbox

    We've just had the Microsoft 365 plugin setup and configured on our Netvault server and everything seems to be working ok apart from a single mailbox is failing to backup, it comes up with an error in the job logs.  We can't find anything…

  • AWS VTL Tape Library showing OFFLINE after restarting NetVault Server

    Hi Everyone,

    I added AWS VTL to my NetVault Backup two weeks ago. 

    I am working on to set up backup jobs to AWS VTL. 

    Today, I have restarted my NetVault Backup to install Windows updates. After restart, AWS Tape Library is showing OFFLINE.

    I tried to make…

  • Why tapes write half of the data to tape and jumps to other tape to write remaining data?

    Hi Everyone,

    I created two tapes of 5TiB of each in AWS.

    I have a backup job which backups up 1.25 TB of data.

    When I start the backup job, it is selecting the tape and writing the half of the data on 1st Tape(413 Gb) and jumping to other tape to write…

  • Whats the best way to pull the tape drive stats from Netvault?

    What's the best way to pull the tape drive stats like transfer rate and total data written from Netvault via the Linux terminal?

  • How to download a license file in .dlv format ?

    Please guide the steps to download the Netvault License file  "'.dlv" format.

  • Do you know Quest Netvault is a Certified SAP HANA Backup & Recovery Solution

    SAP HANA support: Certification as an SAP HANA backup and recovery solution. Utilizes Backint for SAP HANA API to ensure secure and consistent backups of SAP HANA databases.

    With NetVault, you can select what SAP data to restore and where to restore it…