Netvault API how to include multiple files/directories in the include parameter?

I'm attempting to use the netvault api endpoint /sets/restoreselection/create

The POST request body parameters are suppose to be:
"setname": ""
"plugin": ""
"client": ""
"saveset": ""
"include": ""
"exclude": ""
"rename": ""
"restoreoption": ""

The "include:" parameter only seems to allow a single path regardless of how the string value is formatted.

Swagger model indicates that the parameter should be formatted as follows:

"include": path:\subpath

This does not work... and I have tried every combination to get it to work.

Basically in the end the api just runs the nvsetcreate command with the parameters that it gets sent in via the POST request.

So if I manually run the nvsetcreate script, It works if I use the -include switch before each file/directory path. for example:

nvsetcreate -setname example_rs_selection -type RS -client "client_name" -plugin File System -include /path/to/file/or/directory1 -include /path/to/file/or/directory2 -include /path/to/file/or/directory3 -saveset 99999

This is not possible with the API as the JSON object does not permit adding multiple "include": parameters nor does it allow for the use of an array...

Whats the correct format that this parameter string needs to be in to allow the API to add multiple files/directories to a restore selection?