• Netvault API how to include multiple files/directories in the include parameter?

    I'm attempting to use the netvault api endpoint /sets/restoreselection/create

    The POST request body parameters are suppose to be:
    "setname": ""
    "plugin": ""
    "client": ""
    "saveset": ""…

  • Why tapes write half of the data to tape and jumps to other tape to write remaining data?

    Hi Everyone,

    I created two tapes of 5TiB of each in AWS.

    I have a backup job which backups up 1.25 TB of data.

    When I start the backup job, it is selecting the tape and writing the half of the data on 1st Tape(413 Gb) and jumping to other tape to write…

  • How to setup backup jobs to store data in DR storage (as phase1) , to TapeLibrary (as phase2) and to AWS VTL (as phase 3)

    Hi Everyone,

    I have a requirement to set up the backup jobs at three levels phase1,2 and 3.


    phase 1 ( NetVault -> DR)

    phase 2 ( DR->Tape Library LTO7)

    phase 3 ( DR-> AWS VTL)

    The  current setup we have is NetVault backups data to DR and…

  • Netvault 13 full backup progress column shows larger amounts of data than whats on disk

    Hey There,

    After upgrading to Netvault 13.0.2 it seems that the progress column of active jobs is consistently reporting incorrect sizes for active full backup jobs. It shows a significantly larger amount of data being backed up in the progress column…

  • The single backup

    H everyone
    Is there any way to perform backup directly from the server that manages the tape without having to communicate with the Backup Server? I have a structure of 1 main backup server and several Tapes connected to servers that are on different…
  • QoreStor wins 2020 ABA / Stevie's People's Choice Award

    QoreStor 6.0 recently won the 2020 ABA / Stevie’s People’s Choice Award as the Favorite New Product in the ‘Cloud Storage / Backup’ category. There is only one People’s Choice…

  • Full and Incremental backup size issues and discrepancies.

    As the title briefly mentions my organization and myself are having issues with Netvault, ESXi and the size variances of full and incremental backups. I'm currently backing up 7 VMs with a total of ~5 TB of allocated space. Our full backups…

  • Failed to backup one of the VM Task ID 1 completed, backup failed on a Hyper V


    Have you encountered an error on backing up one of the VM.

    Been backing up all other VMs, except this VM. 

    VM [Hostname]: Starting VSS Snapshot creation

    VM [Hostname]: Created VSS snapshot

    VM [Hostname]: Starting backup transfer

    VM [Hostname]: Backing…

  • ++ VM on second Hyper-V Cluster Node not backing up - Failed to find VM ++

    we are using NetVault 12.1 to backup all virtual machines from our hyper-v 2012R2 cluster.
    vms01 (node1) vms01 (node2) vmscl (cluster). Ping, nslookup/ptr, check access, firewall test is running successfully.

    For some weeks we see the following messages…

  • NetVaul - Notificacion - Backup Size

    Hello, is there any way that when a backup job is finished sending an email with the backup size?


  • communication port used by NetVault

    I need to know the communication port used by NetVault

  • Quest NetVault Plug-in for VMware 11.3 is now available!

    We are excited to announce a new version of NetVault Plug-in for VMware 11.3 is now available for download!


    What's new in this version:

    • Enhanced VMware Virtual Machine protection via support for VMware vVol and vSAN (excludes support for VMware…