The single backup

H everyone

Is there any way to perform backup directly from the server that manages the tape without having to communicate with the Backup Server? I have a structure of 1 main backup server and several Tapes connected to servers that are on different networks.

Is there any suggestion without changing my current structure or the only solution is to create a new independent backup structure on the local network?

I appreciate any suggestions.
  • Hi

    if you have a NetVault client with a tape device attached the information goes directly to tape but the NetVault client needs to talk to NetVault server in order to provide status of the backup. So if the NetVault client can talk to the NetVault server it will work directly to tape, otherwise you need to have a NetVault server in place.

    When you have a tape device attached to a client the data flows directly to the tape and not to server to then go to the tape.

    Hope this information helped, let us know if something else.