Failed to backup one of the VM Task ID 1 completed, backup failed on a Hyper V


Have you encountered an error on backing up one of the VM.

Been backing up all other VMs, except this VM. 

VM [Hostname]: Starting VSS Snapshot creation

VM [Hostname]: Created VSS snapshot

VM [Hostname]: Starting backup transfer

VM [Hostname]: Backing up 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Dell\NetVault Backup\tmp\hyperv\"Hostname"\im\vss_expose\\8be38f36-e6e6-4c28-b9e3-3a359efeedce\foldershared\foldershareddrive.vhdx

VM [Hostname]: Backing up 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Dell\NetVault Backup\tmp\hyperv\"Hostname"\im\bkbtemp\\recover_ctx.dat

VM [Hostname]: Backing up 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Dell\NetVault Backup\tmp\hyperv\"Hostname"\im\vss_expose\\8be38f36-e6e6-4c28-b9e3-3a359efeedce\Hostname\virtual hard disk\hostname.vhdx

TaslkID1 completed, backup failed

DRIVE 2:Backupserver has completed its transfer

VM [Hostname]: Backup Failed

Worker process 1 has exited prematurely

Will mark any backups handeld by by worker process 1 as failed

I tried all the possible solution but failed to do so.