schedule planner access from Outlook/OWA to Lotus Notes (not migrated User)

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we have setup a Lotus Notes Coexistence wie Exchange Online EXO (Office365).. Due to using Teams all of our users have got already a mailbox in the Office365 Exchange Online environment. My question is regarding the schedule planner from Outlook/OWA to Lotus Notes User which have not migrated and still only at the Lotus Notes site available. When the schedule planer makes a lookup of the not migrated user it seams it is checking the already existing MailBox calender's of the user instead of the current Lotus notes via the Free/Busy connector. On the CoEx machine with the powershell query the Free/Busy connector is working fine. Is it possible the route this schedule queries to the Notes backed instead to the EXO mailbox due to the user is not migrated. After the user has been migrated then everything is ok it will look to the EXO mailbox calendar.

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  • Alas, for all I know, if there is an Exchange mailbox for a user, the Free/busy lookup for that user cannot be redirected to Domino/Notes, but will check the Exchange mailbox/calendar.
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  • Hello Philipp,


    Thank you for posting to the Coexistence Manager for Notes (CMN) forum. If I understand you correctly, it sounds as though you are migrating from Notes to Office 365 and that Notes users have already been provisioned an Office 365 mailbox due to the use of Teams, is that correct?


    If so, when Office 365/Exchange determines that there is a valid mailbox for the user with the same SMTP address, then Office 365/Exchange will not forward any free busy requests to external mail systems and forwards it to the Office 365/Exchange mailbox instead. CMN is not able to work around this native Office 365/Exchange behavior. 



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