F/B issues between multiple Notes domains

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I'm currently working on F/B function between Domino to Exchange. Exchange to Domino is already functional. A server from another Notes domain with "Directory Assistance (DA)" is used as a bridgehead server (acts as a Notes Traveler server). If the forwarding address in the person documents with "User@exchange.domain.com" is used, F/B works in the whole environment. However, such forwarding addresses are also resolved externally with SMTP, which is of course not desired. If we change the forwarding address to "User@domain.com@exchange.domain.com", F/B will only work on the bridgehead server, but not on the other Domino servers in the other Notes domain.

On the Bridgehead server there is a "Foreign SMTP document" to *exchange.domain.com and a Foreign Domain document for the calendar domain CMN. Any attempt to configure the forwarding address with a Notes domain and without Notes domain will NOT improve the result. There is no configuration document on the Bridgehead server.

I know that this is a domino-releated issue, but maybe someone here has the decisive tip for me?

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  • Hello Patrick,

    Thank you for posting to the Coexistence Manager for Notes (CMN) forum. Using a Domino server from another Domino domain is not documented in the CMN Free Busy Connector Scenarios Guide, so I cannot speak to that directly. Typically, the Domino "bridgehead" Windows-based server used for the CMN QCalCon Domino task is part of the same Domino domain as the users being migrated.

    In regards to Domino "leaking" a forwarding address, this has been seen by some customers in the past. You may be able to add the following parameter to the Notes.ini file of the Domino bridgehead server to resolve this issue:


    For additional information on this parameter, we would suggest reaching out to HCL directly.

    We have also had customers have worked around this issue by using email filtering appliances or sendmail to rewrite the SMTP domain on outgoing email.

    You may want to open a Service Request for additional assistance with this issue.


    Trevor Taegder
    Senior Technical Support Engineer
    Quest | Support