F/B issues between multiple Notes domains

Hi folks,

I'm currently working on F/B function between Domino to Exchange. Exchange to Domino is already functional. A server from another Notes domain with "Directory Assistance (DA)" is used as a bridgehead server (acts as a Notes Traveler server). If the forwarding address in the person documents with "User@exchange.domain.com" is used, F/B works in the whole environment. However, such forwarding addresses are also resolved externally with SMTP, which is of course not desired. If we change the forwarding address to "User@domain.com@exchange.domain.com", F/B will only work on the bridgehead server, but not on the other Domino servers in the other Notes domain.

On the Bridgehead server there is a "Foreign SMTP document" to *exchange.domain.com and a Foreign Domain document for the calendar domain CMN. Any attempt to configure the forwarding address with a Notes domain and without Notes domain will NOT improve the result. There is no configuration document on the Bridgehead server.

I know that this is a domino-releated issue, but maybe someone here has the decisive tip for me?

Kind regards,