Failed to migrate archives - ERROR: [8789-113-12-00000102]Unable to initialize CNotesLock.


I'm trying to migrate some .nsf files (archives) to mailboxes at Exchange Online, at a certain time the migration stopped for a few users, when I try to restart the migration it keeps for minutes "Initializing migration for user xxxxx" and them finishes with error. The log says:

11:34:56 Estimates:
11:34:56 DEBUG: (710) DtMigSrc::GetArchiveList: Enter
11:34:56 DEBUG: (788) DtMigSrc::FreeArchiveList: Enter
11:34:56 DEBUG: DtMigSrc::FreeArchiveList: Exit(0,00490306 ms.)
11:34:56 DEBUG: (15061) NotesSrc::FetchArchiveList: Enter
11:34:56 DEBUG: (15093) NotesSrc::FetchArchiveListDir: Enter
11:34:56 DEBUG: (90) DtMigArch::DtMigArch: Enter
11:34:56 DEBUG: DtMigArch::DtMigArch: Exit(0,00579453 ms.)
11:34:56 DEBUG: (15319) NotesSrc::SetArchiveInfo: Enter
11:34:56 DEBUG: (1023) DtMigSrc::MakeArchiveId: Enter
11:34:56 DEBUG: DtMigSrc::MakeArchiveId: Exit(2,97126 ms.)
11:34:56 DEBUG: (706) NotesSrc::OpenFile: Enter
11:34:56 DEBUG: (53) NOTESLOCK::NOTESLOCK: Enter
11:34:56 DEBUG: NOTESLOCK::NOTESLOCK: Exit(0,0040116 ms.)
11:34:56 DEBUG: (906) NotesSrc::CloseFile: Enter
11:34:56 DEBUG: (7483) NotesSrc::ResetIdTable: Enter
11:34:56 DEBUG: NotesSrc::ResetIdTable: Exit(0,00624026 ms.)
11:34:56 DEBUG: (22176) NotesSrc::ClearSeqNbrs: Enter
11:34:56 DEBUG: NotesSrc::ClearSeqNbrs: Exit(0,00579453 ms.)
11:34:56 DEBUG: NotesSrc::CloseFile: Exit(0,0271897 ms.)
11:34:56 DEBUG: (945) int NotesSrc::AcquireLock: Enter
11:34:56 DEBUG: [7321-0-0-00000000]Waiting for lock 'OpenFile'.
11:34:56 DEBUG: [7322-0-0-00000000]Acquired lock 'OpenFile', continuing with operation.
11:34:56 DEBUG: int NotesSrc::AcquireLock: Exit(0,800537 ms.)
11:34:56 DEBUG: (88) NOTESLOCK::Lock: Enter
11:34:56 DEBUG: NOTESLOCK[pid=11224,tid=9976]::Lock called, lockCnt=0
11:34:56 DEBUG: NOTESLOCK[pid=11224,tid=9976]: calling WaitForSingleObject(0)
11:34:56 DEBUG: NOTESLOCK[pid=11224,tid=9976]: WaitForSingleObject returns 102
11:34:56 Waiting for lock 'NOTESLOCK'.
11:34:56 DEBUG: NOTESLOCK[pid=11224,tid=9976]: calling MessageLoop(600000)
11:34:56 DEBUG: (81) NOTESLOCK::MessageLoop : Enter
11:44:56 DEBUG: NOTESLOCK::MessageLoop : Exit(599971 ms.)
11:44:56 DEBUG: NOTESLOCK[pid=11224,tid=9976]: MessageLoop returns 102
11:44:56 ERROR: [8789-113-12-00000102]Unable to initialize CNotesLock.
11:44:56 WaitForSingleObject:
11:44:56 [00000102] The wait operation timed out.

I tried to restart the servers, check the nsf files, everything is ok

  • Hello Victor,

    Thanks for posting to the Migrator for Notes to Exchange (MNE) forum. I under you are experiencing issues migrating some Notes archive files. Based on the error you are experiencing, it appears that the NSF is locked by another process. I will need some additional information to better assist you:


    1.) Are these archives stored within the Domino installation directory?


    2.) Can you try opening the archive from within the Notes client installed on the MNE migration server? The following KB article provides the exact steps that MNE is using to open the NSF:



    3.) Is there any anti-virus software installed on the MNE migration server?




    Trevor Taegder

    Senior Technical Support Engineer

    Quest | Support

  • Hello Trevor, how are you?

    1 - No, the .nsf archive files are stores in a different server, which is also used for migration, but they are in a split hard drive. This location was mapped when using the "Locate Data Stores" feature of MNE.

    2 - I can open the files with no problems.

    3 - Yes, Trend Micro Deep Security is installed on all the migration servers.

    Please let me know if you need further information.

    Thanks a lot,


  • Hello Victor, 

    Thanks for the update. Is the location where the NSF files exist excluded from scanning by the anti-virus software? You may want to try excluding this location from anti-virus scanning. 

    Beyond that, I think the next step is to create a Service Request so that a Support Engineer can engage with you to troubleshoot this issue interactively: 


    Trevor Taegder
    Senior Technical Support Engineer
    Quest | Support

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