Supported notes client was not found

Hello all,
When we run the MNE prerequisites checker , we get this error message "Supported Notes Client was not found"
The Notes client is in English and in the registry we see that it is a singleuser client.
In prerequisites checker logs it sees only "Supported notes client was not found", nothing more.
Clinet detalis :
IBM Notes 9 Social Edition
Release 9.0.1
Revision 20131022.1138 (Release 9.0.1)
Standard Configuration
Thanks in advance
  • Hello Khaled,

    Thanks for posting in the Migrator for Notes to Exchange (MNE) forum. I understand you are experiencing issues with the MNE Prerequisites Checker where you are getting an error that a, ""Supported Notes Client was not found." If you know that a supported version of the Notes Client is installed in single mode (not for all users of the computer), then this warning can be safely ignored.


    There can be several environmental conditions that can cause the MNE Prerequisites Checker to not be able to detect the Notes Client. In the Prerequisites Checker, if you single-click to highlight the Notes Client line item, then a banner should appear at the top. If you click View Details, then you should see a message that the Prerequisites Checker could not automatically detect the Notes Client and to manually verify that a supported version is installed in single user mode.


    The following KB article provides additional details around this warning:



    Please let me know if you have any additional questions or need any additional clarification.




    Trevor Taegder

    Senior Technical Support Engineer

    Quest | Support