Cross Domain Query (parent / child domain)

Hello Fellow Quest People.

I have a query in regarding to Virtualization... Again

We are considering virtualizing for instance Quest CMN or NME. This will be in a subdomain to where Exchange 2016 and Lotus Notes reside

Parent DOMAIN   will host Exchange 2016 and DOMINO

Subdomain (sits as a child domain under domain1)  will host  Quest CMN or Quest NME

Can this work - assuming all accounts / ports are open / firewalls ?

I don't see this as an option in the 

Migrator for Notes to Exchange 4.16.1 - Pre-Migration Planning Guide

or the

Coexistence Manager for Notes 3.8.4 - User Guide

  • Hello Daniel,


    Thanks for posting to the Notes migration forum. Migrator for Notes to Exchange (MNE) does need to be installed in the same domain as Exchange. This requirement can be found in the MNE Release Notes under "Table 8. Requirements" and "Workstation hardware". Here is a snippet:


    Must be a separate machine from the Exchange server, but a member of the same domain as AD and Exchange.


    In regards to Coexistence Manager for Notes (CMN), the requirements aren't as strict. However, depending on your configuration and migration plan, MNE may need to interact with contact objects created by CMN, which could create complexities.


    We would suggest working with your Quest Account Manager to assist in looping in additional resources, such as Professional Services, to properly analyze your requirements and migration goals. You can fill out the form on this page to have your Quest Account Manager follow up with you.



    Trevor Taegder

    Senior Technical Support Engineer

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