Does hosting MNE consoles in Azure increase performance any?

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I have a customer wanting to push for every bit of performance possible out of the migration.  Currently we have 20 vm's with 4 cores and 16GB of RAM each for performing a Notes to O365 migration.  We opened the ticket with MS to open things up for us and we have 200 threads to play with and they have eased up on bandwidth threshold (we're no longer seeing those long pauses during migrations).  We are going to double the specs to be able to take advantage of all of those threads.  The customer is wondering if we moved the MNE consoles up into Azure would we see faster throughput on the migration or is having the migration consoles remote to the Domino servers detrimental?  I see there was a question asked a year ago about whether this was supported but it does not discuss whether there is anything to be gained from doing this.


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    Thanks for posting to the Migrator for Notes to Exchange (MNE) forum. Historically, for best performance we have always suggested trying to keep the MNE migration server(s) as close to the source Domino server as possible. I do not believe that running MNE in Azure would gain any extra throughput unless Domino is also running in Azure.




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