upgrading CMN to from 3.8.13

We are upgrading CMN to from 3.8.13. I've below clarification

1) While running the setup, should the Quest Co-existence manager Services in services.msc be running or should it be stopped?

2) Upgrade & installation instructions in Release notes states:- Unbind the default website from ports 80 and 443 - what is this?

  • Hello Suraj,

    Thanks for posting to the Coexistence Manager for Notes (CMN) forum.

    1.) Stopping the Quest Coexistence services in the Services.msc is a great idea and helpful to ensure that the installation will not require a reboot to take effect. 

    2.) CMN Free Busy services leverage Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS). The default IIS site should have the bindings for ports 80 and 443 removed. However, if CMN Free Busy is already working in the environment, it is likely that this is already done, or the default website is disabled.

    3.) Please keep in mind that there are three CMN Free Busy services, CMN Mail Connector, CMN Free Busy Connector, CMN Directory Connector. If multiple CMN services are installed on the same CMN server, then all installed CMN services will need to be upgraded at the same time.


    Trevor Taegder
    Senior Technical Support Engineer
    Quest | Support

  • Hello Trevor,

    Thanks for your prompt response.

    I'm OK with restarting the server numerous times. So I assume it does not matter if the CMN service is stopped or not during upgrade right?

    We are using only Mail Connector and not using Free Busy. So I assume unbinding the port does not apply for us right?

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