• Problems after migrating a resource from Notes to M365 when rescheduling an appointment

    We have a room in HCL Notes that contains both appointments via HCL Notes and M365 via coexistence

    After we migrated the room to M365 we have problems moving appointments.

    The appointments can be moved without an error message, but in the room calendar…

  • Update Notes Person Document User Name

    Hi All

    We have found that to support free/busy time visibility for O365 users from notes, we need to add the forwarding address we write into the person document as a username in domino. At the moment, this is a manual process and will not scale as we…

  • MNE and CMN (Directory connector) with new Active Directory


    I'm working on MNE and CMN (Directory Connector) POC with a new Active Directory that will be implemented and would like to know what we would need to have in terms of infrastructure (PKI, EMC,...) with the new AD to make the POC implementation…

  • Coex: Users in outlook add room as participant - invitation does not arrive in resource database in Domino

    We have a Lotus Notes and Exchange Online coexistance and are migrating users step by step to EXO. The resources (rooms) are still on Domino and have been provisioned as contacts.

    The Outlook users have to add a room as participant to a meeting, free…

  • CMN Mail Connector - Notes Client 9.0

    Hi everyone, 

    I would really appreciate if you could help me. 

    Here on my company we are updating our CMN envrionment (current with WServer2008RS) to WinServer 2019. We have already installed all the requirements for CMN and we also installed Notes Client…

  • F/B issues between multiple Notes domains

    Hi folks,

    I'm currently working on F/B function between Domino to Exchange. Exchange to Domino is already functional. A server from another Notes domain with "Directory Assistance (DA)" is used as a bridgehead server (acts as a Notes Traveler server)…

  • The latest version of Coexistence Manager for Notes is 3.8.3

    We are excited to announce a new version of Coexistence Manager for Notes 3.8.3 is now available for download.

    Look what's new:

    • The Directory Connector now provides active email alerts.
    • The Directory Connector now logs any errors generated by executing…
  • SQL Server connection for Migrator Notes to Exchange


    I have a little Question.

    The Quest Migrator Note to Exchange and the Coexistence tool needs SQL Server.

    How does the tool connect to SQL Server?

    Please Hel me, because I must open request for the Database Instance.


    Thanks and best Regards


  • The latest version of Coexistence Manager for Notes is 3.8

    Coexistence Manager for Notes (CMN) provides rich directory, email, calendar and free/busy coexistence features between a Lotus Notes/Domino environment and Microsoft Exchange—both on-premises servers and hosted Exchange environments like Office 365.…

  • Trial Download for Coexistence Manager for Notes

    We can't talk Notes email migration without mentioning coexistence. If your migration project requires directory, calendar and free/busy coexistence, then we encourage you to try Coexistence Manager for Notes in your own environment. 

    You can download…