Using the Link Tracking feature


I have a question of understanding regarding the Link Tracking. Is it mandatory to install Migrator for Notes to SharePoint services on the SharePoint server to use the Link Tracking feature? And if yes it has to be installed on every single SharePoint server to which data is migrated?

Regards, Mike

  • Hi,

    There are several parts to the answer to your question, I hope I don't get too confusing.

    First of all, you don't need to install the MNSP Import Service to install and use the Link Tracking Service. (The documentation sometimes implies you always install both of them at the same time, but you don't have to.)

    The Link Tracking Service needs to be installed on a SharePoint server - it does not need to be the one you are actually migrating to. Of course that's easier, because the default locations will apply, but you can install Link Tracking on any SharePoint server of your choice (including a virtual server hosted in MS Azure).
    The same goes for the Link Tracking SQL DB - you can install that on pretty much any MS SQL Server of your choice.

    The only things to keep in mind:
    - A user clicking on a dynamic Link Tracking link in SharePoint must be able to access the Link Tracking redirector page.
    - The SharePoint server where the Link Tracking redirector page is installed on needs to be able to access the Link Tracking SQL DB.

    >  has to be installed on every single SharePoint server to which data is migrated?
    As mentioned above, it does not have to be the SharePoint server you migrate to (though that would be the default way to do it).
    The redirector page need to be installed on every front end server in the SharePoint farm you install it on that may be used to answer end user requests (clicking on a dynamic link). If you use the standard installer, that should take care of distributing that page.

    (To make things more complicated, you can also not use the standard redirector page, but the "Sandbox redirector page", which can also be applied to SharePoint online. This page does not do a lookup in the Redirector SQL DB, but always redirects to Notes. It is meant to be used together with regularly running the Link Tracking Finalizer.)

    Hope this helps. If anything is unclear in my answers, please ask for clarification.

    Regards, Peter