Missing Discovered Database from All Databases

Dear All,

Last month I had discovered one database (Local Copy) and consumed a licence for that DB and migrated 1 Keyword form. Today i opened NMSP 6.14 tool and trying to search that db but it is missing from the All database and template.

If i re-discover the same DB then migration job is missing but in the task history i can see the last migrated Job file.

Kindly help me to re-discover same DB with the migration job it had without consuming a new licence.

Your early response is much appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

  • Hello Rajdeep,

    Thanks for posting to the Migrator for Notes to SharePoint (MNSP) forum. I understand you are experiencing issues locating a Notes database within MNSP that was previously migrated. In the MNSP Console, you can right-click on the Migrator for Notes to SharePoint node in the upper-right and select Discover Databases. You can those to Select an individual database and point MNSP to this local database you are referring to.

    Please keep in mind that MNSP does treat each Notes database replica as a unique database, so if the original (migrated) local replica of the Notes database is deleted and a new replica is created, then MNSP will treat this as a new Notes database.

    If you continue to run into issues with this database after following the steps above, then I would suggest creating a Service Request so that we can investigate further with you:


    Trevor Taegder
    Senior Technical Support Engineer
    Quest | Support