Link Tracker Service and Sharepoint Online

I could not find nothing specific in the user guide or installation guide about the steps you need to do if you want to use the Link Tracker Service on Sharepoint Online.

However I found the Redirector Page hint.

Basically I created a new SiteCollection (with no template) and uploaded and activated the wsp. The corresponding feature is activated.

Now I dont have a clue how to proceed from here.

- What steps I need to do in order the Redirector Page is created in the SiteCollection ?

- Which setting I need to do in the Designer/Console in order the Links to be updated. ?

Any help appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

  • In that scenario, the following steps are recommended:

    i) Install the Sandbox redirector page WSP, and activate it (on the Site Collection level)
    You can test the installation by opening yourrootsite/questlinktracking.aspx from a browser. (This is also the link you need later).
    ii) Create a Link Tracking SQL database (on any SQL server that can be used by the MNSP migration machine)
    iii) In the MNSP Options, specify that SQL database, and the Redirector Sandbox Page as the custom redirector page
    iv) Migrate
    v) Run the Finalizer (in the MNSP Console) for any migration target that you declare 'finished'
    Now for any links with targets that have already been migrated, the links will point to the migrated targets in SharePoint.
    For any links where the targets have not yet been migrated, the sandbox redirector page will create a notes:// link, which will open up the Notes client with the target of that link.

    Hope this helps,