Unable to render the word attachment appear attached using LN Button

The LN application having a word attachment editable in Microsoft word, when click LN Button, a pop-up dialog appears. Then selecting the document, allows to edit with Microsoft Word.

The MNSP migration unable to render the Word attachment and save a link in the PDF output in SahrePoint migrated from LN Form.

The actual word doc attachment displayed at the bottom of the form.

The rendered document from LN migrate to PDF file in SharePoint Document Library.

Any LN document attachment files from Source are configured to go "_Attachments" folder and created the html doclink inside PDF file migrated to SharePoint.

Working good, there are other attachments in the Rich Text fields are able to render migrate to "_Attachments" and appears as HTML doclinks inside the PDF file.

However, from the "Button" linked filed "Attached Word Documents" field having word file UNABLE TO MIGRATE to SharePoint.

How to resolve this issue?

  • This is hard to diagnose via text description only ... most likely the Notes button "Attached Word Documents" invokes some Lotus Script which pulls the attachment from some Notes source. In that case, you could either look at that code to determine the source of the document for mapping, or create a Formula field with the same code to pull the file as a migration source.