Quest NSMP Analysis Question - Database usage

We are looking for a way to distinguish usage made by HTTP traffic on Domino server from usage caused by agents/replication. In both cases, database usage is showing as made by server account. It is therefore impossible for us to find out real people accessing the database through the browser. Cas this be somehow achieved?.

Does anyone know where does usa Post ge information about scanned databases come from? There are two options - log.nsf or database properties/header.

  • Distinguishing usage made by HTTP traffic on a Domino server from usage caused by agents/replication can be a challenge, as both cases may show database usage made by the server account. However, there are some approaches you can consider to achieve this distinction:

    1. User Authentication: Implement user authentication mechanisms on your Domino server. By requiring users to log in with unique credentials, you can track individual user access to the database. This can help differentiate HTTP traffic made by real people accessing the database through a browser from other types of server activities.

    2. Access Logs: Enable access logging on your Domino server. By reviewing the access logs, you can identify specific HTTP requests made to the server, including the IP addresses and timestamps associated with those requests. This information can help you determine real user activity versus agent/replication activity.

    3. Custom Tracking: Implement custom tracking mechanisms within your applications. This can involve adding code to capture user-specific information during HTTP requests, such as session IDs or unique identifiers. By analyzing this information, you can track and differentiate individual user activity.

    Regarding your question about the source of scanned database information in the USA Postal Service (USPS), it's important to note that I am an AI language model and do not have real-time information. However, generally, USPS may gather information about scanned databases from various sources, including log.nsf (log files) or database properties/headers. The specific method used by USPS to collect this information may vary, and it would be best to consult official USPS documentation or reach out to their support for accurate and up-to-date information.

    Remember to consult with your Domino server administrator or IT department to implement the most appropriate approach for your specific environment and requirements.