Migrate Private Documents from Discussion Type Domino application

We have a requirement to migrate Domino applications to SharePoint. All of the applications are based on a modified Domino discussion template.

One of the modifications is around security and private documents. There are documents that are private to users and upon migration to SharePoint and this needs to be maintained.

So my questions are:

1. How can the migration tool "read" these private documents?

2. How can this privacy be maintained once the documents have been migrated?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • 1. The migration tool is running under a Notes user as defined in the Notes.INI. If that user can't see these documents in a regular Notes client, the migration tool will not be able to read them either. So you would need to grant the migration user read access to all the Notes documents.

    2. While Migrator for Notes to SharePoint can set document level security in SharePoint, it may not be advisable. SharePoint best practices recommend using the security inheritance model to secure sites, lists, and items. By using MNSP to set security, you will be breaking the inheritance model. That said, you would first need to set up the User Mapping to map Notes user names to corresponding SharePoint names. (See the Advanced tab on your migration job). Once mapping is set, use the "Map Reader/Author fields" checkbox (again on the Advanced tab) to enable document-level security migration.