How can I map a Notes user name to the SharePoint Author (Created by) and Editor (Modified by) fields?

I have disabled the "Preserve Created/Modified identities" option in the "Map Data" tab of the MNSP designer because I want to map a different user name from the Notes field "Creator" to the "Created by" (Author) field in SharePoint - not the first user from $UpdatedBy field in Notes.

I am migrating to Word documents stored in document sets and I want the "Created by" info in both the document set as well as the word document to be the user from the "Creator" field (and also as the Author in the Word document properties). User mapping works in general and for this user name in other fields as well.

I have tried to map the Notes field to "DocSet.Author", "Doc.Author" and "Author", but I don't get the desired results. "DocSet.Author" just gets added as an additional field, Doc.Author is filled with my user name and the user name from the "Creator" field (as one value) and "Author" is ignored.

  • Mapping to Doc.Author and Author works nicely in my lab (I have also seen this work for other customers). If this does not work for you, it may be worth a support ticket.

    For DocumentSets, I am not sure if there is a way to directly map this. The only workaround I can think of currently is Save to intermediate file, and use a script to re-write the values.

    Regards, Peter