• Link Tracker Service and Sharepoint Online

    I could not find nothing specific in the user guide or installation guide about the steps you need to do if you want to use the Link Tracker Service on Sharepoint Online.

    However I found the Redirector Page hint.

    Basically I created a new SiteCollection…

  • System out of memory Exception

    Hi All , 

    We are getting System out of memory exception while migrating LN DB Application to SharePoint List .After getting this error Quest Designer closing automatically .

    My SP List has 90 columns and I have mapped Files and attachments from LN DB to…

  • Link Tracking Service in Sharepoint Online : files contains corrupted data.


    I would like to migrated from lotus to sharepoint online with MNSP 6.15, i've put Quest.SandboxLinkRedictor in sharepoint app catalog for using Link Tracking Service but i have this error message : files contains corrupted data.

  • Unable to migrate lotus notes forms to sharepoint library that has more than 5000 records-threshold limit

    Hi All,

    We are using Quest tool ( Notes to sharepoint Migrator )to migrate Lotus notes forms into sharepoint online library as pdf documents. One of our form has more than 10000 records. The job got failed after migrating around 6000 records. Once we…