This table shows licenses purchased for the tenant, including trial licenses. It shows a count of the licenses and when the cycle time (renewal time) is due for a specific license.

This report will work across tenants, but it doesn’t list the name of the tenant in which the license is found.

What questions does this report address?

Which licenses are purchased within a tenant?

One of the first steps in managing cost and licensing within a tenant is knowing which licenses exist. This report shows licenses in a tenant and the count of each license.

Which licenses are in a tenant as trial licenses?

Trial licenses are often used to test new Office 365 capabilities. They are free for a period of time. If they’re used by the business, they may eventually incur a cost if they’re changed from trial to permanent licenses. This report shows these types of licenses.

What is the cycle time for renewals of purchased licenses?

It’s important to know when licenses are due for renewal so you can predict future expenses.


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