This report shows an overview of different types of activity with an Office 365 tenant. The report shows the most active users of SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams, and Skype for Business. You can customize the report by adding/removing workloads, depending on your requirements.

What questions does this report address?

Who were the most active Office 365 users over the last month?

If certain users are consistently most active in a certain workload, you could see if they’ll help mentor those who are under-utilizing that workload.

Or, it could be an indication that their workload is too large and some of their work could be delegated to someone else.

Which users are most active in Microsoft Teams?

Being extremely active in Teams could indicate the user is being too social. You could use this list to investigate whether some people are chatting with colleagues instead of working. Of course, this is dependent on the user’s role and their specific activities, so investigate before making assumptions.

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