This report shows a heat map break-down of license types. License types are broken down by department, country, and company. This report gives a quick overview of the distribution/location of main base licenses, like E3 and E5. It also has a series of pie charts illustrating the distribution of licenses.

What questions does this report address?

Which countries have which licenses assigned?

Visualizing license assignments across an organization can help show where costs are highest. This report shows a heat map of users, showing you where users and licenses are distributed.

Which departments have which licenses assigned?

Another way to show user license assignment is across the departments that users work in. This report shows a break-down of user and license assignments.

Which business unit or company has which licenses assigned?

Visualizing license assignment helps you see where licenses might be misplaced, allowing your organization to save money or distribute the licenses to other areas of the organization.


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