Office 365 Tenant to Office 365 Hybrid with ADFS Migration.

Hi All,

We are planning to migrate from Office 365 Tenant to Office 365 Hybrid Tenant with ADFS implemented and like know whether Quest® On Demand Migration will able to help us below tasks:

1. Setting up coexistence between Source and Target tenants.

2. How the user provisioning will happen at the Target Tenant as the domain is federated?

3. Quest® On Demand Migration is Synchronization tool for Mailbox Data migration or Copy Once Only?

  • Hello Shreedhar,

    Thanks for posting in the Quest On Demand forum. I understand you are interested in how On Demand Migration (ODM) can help with your migration.


    1.) Can you provide more detail on the coexistence features you are looking for? ODM offers an optional Domain Coexistence feature, which will assist in the transition of the primary SMTP namespace. The Domain Coexistence feature will allow end-users to continue to send new email using their primary SMTP email address after migration. The following KB article provides additional information about the ODM Domain Coexistence feature:



    2.) ODM is unable to create user accounts in a federated target environment. This means that user accounts will need to be created in the target Office 365 environment outside of ODM. After the target user accounts have been created, then they can be either "Matched" or "Mapped from file" within ODM. The following KB article provides additional information:



    3.) ODM is a primarily designed as a "copy" utility. This means you will need to run a new migration task anytime you want to "copy" new data from the source to target. You can run multiple migration tasks (copies) during the migration project. ODM will "update" previously migrated calendar items on subsequent migrations.


    Please let me know if you have any additional questions or need any additional clarification.




    Trevor Taegder

    Senior Technical Support Engineer

    Quest | Support

  • Hi Trevor,

    Thank you for the reply.

    We are looking for coexistence features for Free/Busy information sharing across both the tenants before the migration starts.

    Does Match and Migrate Accounts copy any user attributes from source tenant to target tenant?

    Does ODM provide option of migrating the users in staged approach? Like migrating users, mailboxes, One Drive department wise.

    Also can you direct me to a technical representative to give us overview of the tool and how it can help us in migration.

    Shall await for your reply.

  • Hello Shreedhar,

    Thanks for the update.

    On Demand Migration (ODM) can assist in setting up calendar sharing between the source and target Office 365 tenants. The following KB article describes the process of enabling calendar sharing between the source and target Office 365 tenants within ODM:

    Migrating accounts does migrate attributes from the source to target tenant. Matching or Map from file assumes that the target users are already created with attributes in order to perform the match or map operation.

    ODM allows you to create "Collections" of users in order to act upon groups of users. You can run a user migration, mail migration, or OneDrive against a collection of users.

    You can reach a Quest Account Manager, who can help setup a meeting with a technical Pre-Sales representative by clicking the following link:



  • Hi Trevor,

    Thank you for your response.

    I have placed request to sales to have further conversation. As its being Thanks giving holiday weekend i hope to get the response by tomorrow.

    Over the weekend we have gone through the Trail version of the tool and i have below questions:

    1. Can we first run the mail migration task for 3 month and switch the mailbox and then can run data migration task? 

    2.After migrating accounts can we run the Migration of mailboxes, One Drive and Teams Task simultaneously?



  • Hello Shreedhar,

    1.) The steps you provided are certainly valid. There is no one way to perform a migration, so we would suggest following the steps that best meet the needs of the environment. However, to simplify the steps, we would suggest migrating all data before moving the primary DNS namespace to the new tenant. 

    2.) Yes, you can fun the migration for Mailboxes, OneDrive and Teams simultaneously.