RE: On Demand Migration for Teams – New Feature Spotlight

It's great that we can migrate chats, but for some odd reason the process added me to all chats when migrating, then removed me from all chats at the end of the process even when I am one of the participants in the chat. So, whilst all my users have their chats now, I have none at all after migration. You'd think this would get picked up in QA.

  • Hello Jim, 

    I went ahead and split out the issue you are mentioning with On Demand Migration (ODM) Teams personal chat migrations into a separate discussion thread. I do have a couple of questions to better assist you:

    1.) Have you reached out to Quest Support about this issue?

    2.) Did you use your own account to "Grant Consent" to Teams when adding the Office 355 tenants? Using your own account to "Grant Consent" could cause this type of issue. Using a dedicated migration service account is suggested in the ODM Admin Guide here.

    Here is a snippet:

    • The target Azure AD administrative account is added to all the chats (both group chats and private chats) as a participant during chats migration, and then removed from the migrated chats as soon as the chat migration is complete. All migrated chats of the target Azure AD administrative account are hidden when the chat migration is complete.

    Please let me know if you have any additional questions or need any additional clarification. 


    Trevor Taegder
    Senior Technical Support Engineer
    Quest | Support

  • Hi,

    I did reach out to support in the end. The issue was that I had originally setup the tenant with my own user credentials (to test the process), but before doing mass migrations I changed the tenant credentials to a dedicated service/admin account. What's not clear in the snippet is that you must grant (or in my case regrant) consents as the service account.

    Even after I had regranted consents, the chat migration still used me as the user that gets added to chats due to some rules Quest have enforced in the chat migration, so the only way to fix this for me was to start a new project specifically just to migrate my own chats.