Teams Grant Consent Fails

I'm performing a test migration environtment between two developer tenants and at startup steps , one of them fails Teams consent with this error:

Unexpected response while attempting to register the tenant: AADSTS650052: The app needs access to a service ('https://*') that your organization 'XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX' has not subscribed to or enabled. Contact your IT Admin to review the configuration of your service subscriptions. Trace ID: 971b6437-4ed5-400b-b5a4-29603d878e00 Correlation ID: 6e688e76-d7c9-412f-92a4-d0a79396c563 Timestamp: 2022-02-16 15:16:14Z

Anyone have any advice about this error?

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  • Thanks  do not have permissions to see answer due expired maintenance error. Due it is a dev T2T migration test i can not charge this kind of cost.

    Expired Maintenance

  • Hello  ,

    On Demand Migration (ODM) does include Support and Knowledgebase access for the term of the ODM license. Basically, If you able to use your ODM licenses, then you should have Support entitlement. I think you will just need to have the ODM licenses you are using associated with your Quest Support account. You will need your ODM license number, which is 9 digits, like 123-456-789. 

    With the ODM license number, you should be able to go here and click "Register Product" in the grey bar and add the license number to your account. Once you have added the license, you should be able to see the KB article above. If not, then you can contact our Customer Service team here, that can help get your Quest Support account configured. 

    Please let me know whether or not these steps allow you to view the KB article above.


    Trevor Taegder
    Senior Technical Support Engineer
    Quest | Support