Migration of Sites based on Site template type Team channel is not supported

I'm attempting to migrate Teams with the following structure:

  • Team
    • Team channel 1 (Private)
    • Team channel 2 (Private)
    • Team channel 3 (Private)

The content of Team channel 2 is migrated successfully, but Team channel 1 and 2 is skipped with the following message:

Migration of Site [Team channel name] was skipped. Migration of Sites based on Site template type Team channel is not supported.

This is despite the channels using the same template type.

Additionally, in the Sharepoint Contents view, it shows Team channel 2 as privisioned and migrated, but the skipped channels list only discovered for the provision state, partially migrated with issues for the migration state.

ODM provisioned the team and channels successfully with membership on the target tenant.

  • Hello  ,

    Thanks for posting to the On Demand forum. This sounds like a very specific issue that will require additional investigation. For the most efficient resolution, I would recommend creating a Service Request with Quest Support. Please also provide the "Copy Diagnostics" data from the Teams Provision task, as well as any Teams Migration tasks that were run against this particular Team. 

    You can create a Service Request here.


    Trevor Taegder
    Senior Technical Support Engineer
    Quest | Support