OneDrive Migration Performance WITH Convert Link Sharing to Direct Permissions

Hi All,

The ODM wizard states that enabling this feature will significantly impact the speed of the migration - does anyone have real world benchmarks for how much this could impact?

There is an article with the below that matches my experience too but I've never paid attention to whether this feature was also enabled.


From test migrations performed by our development and from a consultants we have seen speeds of 1-1.5GB an hour per user.
Here is one such sample where it shows a few large files will migrate a little faster than many small files.
100 user OneDrives in a single OneDrive migration task.  Each OneDrive of ~4.5-5G (half containing few large files, others - lots of small files)
Total migration time for the configuration was – 2hr30m-3hr30m
Note: Throttle limits are controlled by Microsoft and the customer will need to reach out to them.
  • Throttling limits are a set of dynamic rules implemented on each tenant. The rules become more restrictive based on several factors. One of these restrictions is the number of permissions migrated. Permissions take longer to process by the migration API relative to migrating the content itself. Thus, you will likely see throttling increase as the total quantity of permissions increases. The content migration will appear to slow down.

    Microsoft will not change the throttling rules for any customer or partner. Support requests containing a request to reduce or remove throttling will be rejected by the Microsoft product team. Escalation of any support requests will be met with the same response.