ODM Client, Desktop Agent Questions.

I am currently working on a migration project and will be using the ODM Client to switch profiles over for the users, but I have a few questions I can't find answers for.

Is it possible to install the client manually, in my testing if I deploy from GPO it works okay but if I try and install using CLI with the transform switches pointing to the .mst file it fails and when I run the application I get an error about the registry being corrupt?

In my environment I have a mix of local Office applications and others deployed using Remote Desktop Server (Server 2019), I've tested local Office migration via GPO and that seems to work okay. But I'd also like to deploy the ODM client within the RDS environment, is this possible?

As part of this migration I have a user base that was partly migrated into the source tenant, their accounts/mailboxes were moved but their computers were left connected to their original tenant. Whilst we work on how best to move their computers across to the target tenant (without resetting/reloading the OS) we still need to deal with their Office applications, whilst we could handle it as was done before by adding an additional Outlook profile by hand I'd like to be able to use the ODM client. So my last question, how does  the ODM client determine the account that needs to be moved across, does it look at the logged on user for the computer, or does it look at the logged in account for Outlook/OneDrive/Teams? If it's looking at the local user then I can't see the tool working as it wouldn't be able to map the logged in user (the tenant isn't present in the Quest project) to the target user.

Thanks in advance.